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With a strong background in traditional arts, I strive to create work that is bold and unique.

I draw upon my traditional art talents when creating my CG work and constantly play with the concepts of color, composition, form and design.

As a 3D generalist, I really enjoy expanding on my knowledge base by constantly researching new programs and techniques. This allows me the freedom to creatively problem solve my 3D work. I am especially passionate about creature creation work and really enjoy modelling and texturing.

Born and raised in South Africa, I went to the United States to continue my studies in Fine Art. While at the College for Creative studies in Detroit, I fell in love with the CG art world and switched my major, ultimately graduating with a major in Animation and a minor in Fine Arts. Having so many years experience with traditional sculpting, painting, drawing, and printmaking has really helped boost my 3D work and I feel has allowed me a quite unique approach to my creations.

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Cell: +44 7961051831 - E-mail:

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